Competence standards

The listed competence standards below are from the National Occupational Standards who are the authors of industry best practice.
National Occupational Standards are statements of the standards of performance that individuals must achieve when carrying out functions or tasks, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and skills required.

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Here at Carriage Driving Association UK we are actively promoting the use of these national standards to achieve a clear benchmark of best practice across the equine sector.

How does it work?
These standards are clear, achievable and available for anyone in carriage driving irrespective of background.  
To achieve any of the above standards, you simply need to get signed off by one of our coaches who will confirm that you have the skills and knowledge set out in the standard. This can be achieved with a series of coaching sessions or via direct observation from the coach. For example; the coach could attend at a convenient time to you both, and simply observe you undertaking the activity and sign off standards if you have met the criteria listed. Sign-off could also be achieved through your regular lesson or coaching session, again when you have met the required standard, sign-off will be complete. Once you have been signed off the complete standard, the coach will apply to Carriage Driving Association UK for your certificate of achievement.
You will now be asking how does this work financially?

The only cost we have is the Certification Fee which is charged directly to the Accredited Coach on completion of your standard along with satisfactory paperwork to endorse the award. Each coach will have their own charges for their services and you should negotiate with them directly the costs involved in achieving one of our standards.

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